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Hallo all! I'm here! I'm in my room looking out the window at a fabulous view of the Chrysler Building! I'm on skype! I'm in room 2816 Grand Hyatt - waiting to make contact with all, am talking with MmeJavert and trying to get contacts sorted out!
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Hallo all! One day out of NY - when we get there, am thinking of heading to the vintage clothing fair with friends and then will try to get to an internet cafe as my time is up and I don't want to buy more. Someone suggest a meeting place! The Grand Hyatt hotel? I can leave my bags there on the morning of the 20th and meet up with you all in the lobby. Earlish? Say, 10.30 or so?
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New York Accomodation...

Just a random thought for those joining me in New York...I'm looking at checking into a hotel, in on the 20th and out on the 23rd April. It occured to me that some of what I was turning up were apartments around the $300 a mark night. Anyway interested in sharing an apartment? MmeJavert pointed out that parking is nearly impossible and she's better off in an NJ apartment and coming in that way...I imagine you're all driving? I've had a look and couldn't find an apartment with park (will have another quick look tomorrow if I get time). It's not an issue if I have to just take a hotel room, but I thought it might lower expenses for someone else if we shared?
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ColonelDespard inflicts herself on the UK and US

Oh-kay -

It's happening.

My flights are booked. Of course, being a disorganised sod, I need to put it all together...but here we go:

So…dates for my European and American friends (I’ll also post in my LJ account):

6 - 8th April - London

Arrive London on the 5th. I need to get down to Southampton for the 8th April - we sail at 3.00 pm, but I don’t know boarding time. I need to meet with UK friends, but will be seeing Les Mis at least once…possibly on the 6th and/or 7th. Other than that, I need to scout the vintage clothing shops and just spend a few days being emotional because I miss London so.

19 - 23 April - New York

The ship arrives on the morning of the 19th, and we get the day in New York (just have to be back on board that night as they don’t disembark luggage until the 20th. So I have the weekend! Am up for fun! And the Vintage Clothing Fair! I leave late on the evening of the 23.

24 April - San Francisco

I get in to SF around midnight on the 23rd and don’t leave until the 25th, so I have a full day there.

Feel free to jump in where ever. I know that MmeJavert is looking at a weekend in NY, which would be wild (have already warned her about a component of vintage clothing shopping), and I've broached the San Fran thing with Bees as that's why I routed my itin that way...but I'd love to see the rest of you!
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Meet up on the East Coast?

Forgot to mention - if I do manage to get on the Titanic memorial cruise - as is looking increasingly likely - I'll be sailing into NY. Which I can't wait to do, as I haven't been back for a few years and am looking forward to catching up with my mates on that side of the pond (and doing some vintage clothing shopping).

But it occurs to me that this might be a chance to catch up with the East Coast Les Mis gang...anyone potential up for cocktails in either NY or Washington sometime mid-late April next year? NY would work better for me, but we have family friends in Washington and I can always make the trip over if it works better for the majority. I'm planning on either a round the world or open jaw ticket, so I can make a few stops.
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Time, I think, to delete this blog. It's nothing but negative whining now, a hopeless half-clogged pressure valve and excuse for navel gazing misery. I'll figure it out soon - I'm too dim and stupid and miserable to work things like that out now.

I'll continue posting fatuous crap on my tumblrs, because producing froth and bubble is the only thing I can do. It's worth bugger all, but it's all I have anymore. It's been two days without a drink, and I wonder why? I know *why* I haven't pressed self delete - or why I tell myself I haven't, but perhaps I'm a fat liar there as well and it's really because I'm a shifty coward rather than because whatever remote scraps of integrity I have tell me it's not a good thing to do for my family. But all I want to do now is just drink and play music and blot this all out.

I am rotting and rotten to the core. If you touched me like, I'd ooze decay like a windfall apple that fell from the tree a long, long time ago. Some souls must be born dying, with some inherent putrescence that destroys them from within, and the stupid thing is that people waste their resources and their love trying to save someone who is already far too gone drowning.

I've re-read things I've written, and I feel such acute shame at having done so much destructive ruination of Hugo's characters. I look at what I've drawn, and it's so ugly and crude and pathetically childlike - all the more pathetic because it's often done is such earnestness.

There's drink and there's drink and there's drink and that's all there is.

I won't be the first person in my family to die a hopeless drunk in a park under a tree, as there's an ancestoral precedent - although the sad thing is, my family would ruin themselves first rather than let it happen to me. So I go on sucking everything into this morass and poisoning everyone around me.

The biggest mistake my poor family made was in deciding to go through with my birth in spite of the medical advice about potential complications. I should never have been born, and not a thousand Clarences lining up and carolling the contrary would convince me otherwise.
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Yeah, I'm just a vapid fangirl

I mean, that's obvious, right? Srs people are interested in Javert...or, at a stretch, JVJ. But gee, maybe Javert is just too obscure and I've probably never heard of him, what with me being so mainstream and all.

Those with an interest in Enjolras are either worshipping him (which is only acceptable behaviour if one admires an actor...and then it is entirely justifiable respect and admiration) or are obsessive fools who deserve to be made the butt of jokes.

Guess that's all out in the open now - the digs and repeated reminders that someone doesn't give a flying fuck about the Amis weren't sufficient. It had to be spelled out clearly that anyone who admires or is interested in Enjolras is a fucking moron. I suppose he figured the message wasn't clear enough so it had to be stated bluntly, as clearly the sneering hints weren't sufficient.
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Ow ow ow

As I embark on my second hangover of the week, I concede I may have a little drinking problem.

Here's how I deal with a bleak day of depression:

Drink two bottles of champagne.

Get on ebay.

Put an offer in on a teens/1920s black and white fur muff that has THREE mink heads, the middle one snarling. Yes, a muff with teeth. Celebrate uproariously with friends on facebook when the seller, no doubt delighted to finally offload this gruesomeness, accepts the BIN in about 15 minutes.

Call BFF. Ramble drunkenly at her for two hours about how fucking awesome your new taxidermy thing is. Announce that next year, you are going to parade down the middle of fucking Napier wearing the black velvet dress with ermine trim, flourishing the taxidermy muff.

Decide to watch "Amadeus" on Youtube in 8 minute increments. Refuse to go to bed until you've seen it all.

When I emerged this morning the flatmates were sniggering about the "evidence pile" I'd left beside the computer of champagne bottles and various glasses.

Ow. My head hurts. I think I need to detox this weekend. Somehow I'm not sure my therapist would approve of the above course of treatment.
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Despard the Oblivious

It occurs to me that my last entry was rather oafish, suggesting that the majority of everything published lately at FFNet was rubbish. Nothing like a sweeping generalisation to have people wondering "does that include me?"

So I'd probably best keep my snarkiness to myself in future :) But please take it as read that if I'm being a rude cow and dissing fics, you wouldn't be on my f-list if I was talking about your work. I don't rate my own work very highly (produced a giant bucket of fail with my last story, which I cheerfully acknowledge...thank you, meds!), and I am constantly awed by the writings of my talented friends, even if they set the bar high for muddlers like me. In no order, the MmeBahorels, Orestes Fastings, Abelardas, Aurelias, MmeJaverts, Marguerites, CollectingBees, Sophies (and so many others that I'm afraid to name them all because I'm too afraid to leave any out and thereby insult them further) absolutely inspire me and far outweigh any dreck, even if they're fewer in number than the badfics. And there's a good possibility that some of those posting the badfic that I find hilarious (e.g. E/E getting together in 30 seconds or sending me to sleep with interminable banality) are going to develop into very talented writers who will leave me thinking I should just toss my pen away.
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Truth Will Out

My darling sister got me this for Christmas - She thought it was hilarious because "I have seen that exact expression on your face so many times, and it pretty much sums up your attitude". Looking at the photo (and I swear I was not deliberately mimicking that expression), I concede she may have a point...

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